Try it on For Size

Lets see what the new day brings.

Oh right. An instant repeat of yesterday.

Multiplied by 60 years.

Sustained growth with a dash of ennui. Y’know, I’m not saying I’m fed up, nah. I mean life goes on and it’s all mostly entertaining.

Thing is, I’d like to change it up. But first I have to get up from my recliner. Do you think it’s a coincidence that reclining and declining sound so similar? Not all change is good. For instance, how much would it suck to not wake up tomorrow? No, I’m talking about positive change. Things like a better job, or no job. Things like travel and exotic locations. Things like just about anything but spending every evening watching TV.

You hear that very quiet sloshing sound? That’s the sound of my brain liquefying. Too much TV, like too much helium squirted into your ears is not a good thing. Damn you Netflix and your unlimited streaming which leads to binge watching. It’s all your fault.

Yeah, you didn’t think one of the changes I wanted was to accept responsibility for my life, did you? Ha! I expect everyone else to accept responsibility. The cable companies, the streaming services, the makers of tight clothing that make me look like a badly abused toothpaste tube.

Yeah, that’s it. No more self blame. The finger points at everyone else because they make stuff that compels me to use it.

You know any lawyers?