What’s This Button Do?

Smartphones are fun. Also entertaining. Many’s the time I have witnessed someone with a $1,000 phone have no fucking idea how to use it. I have actually observed these incidents while shopping, and it goes a long way toward explaining why I prefer to buy online.

You must have a license to drive a car or pilot a plane. Why doesn’t that rule apply to smartphones? Let’s say your screen freezes up on you. What will you do? Google the problem, ask a seven year old how to fix it, or shower, get dressed, drive to the wireless store of your choice and stand in line.

If you answered anything but choice number three, congratulations. You are not as lazy as everyone else. I’m not talking about elderly people either, oh no. I see kids of all ages walking in clueless and leaving the same way.

They leave ignorant because they absolutely do not want to learn how to fix the problem. Why would you have the latest and snazziest phone ever made and not want to know anything about how it works? Being ignorant is fine; each of us is ignorant about something. But remaining willfully ignorant graduates you right to stupid. You don’t know, you don’t want to know, but here’s your pretty iPhone or Galaxy 10 that has done something you don’t understand, like stopped making a sound when you get a call.

So there’s this button on the side that raises the volume, and guess what?

Right, there was no seven year old handy.